Why choose us?
Our services stand out from the rest because of the intense dedication we have to satisfy our clients.
We render the service we have promised without failing. We have built a dedicated team of cleaners that love what they do. This is crucial for a good cleaning job to be done. You will also be encouraged by our prices. We intend to become your regular cleaners so our fees are very affordable.

We can offer these services at affordable rates because we do not rent out a large corporate office, we are a small team of professional cleaners and we don’t run expensive advertising campaigns or engage in expensive promotional activities that could force us to charge more.

Over the years, our services have been verified, tested, trusted and approved by numerous satisfied clients.

We are one big family at Fidelina cleaning services. There is a strong bond among us. We know each other families and children by their names. We encourage bonding to sustain a better working environment for everyone. However, our cleaners have been physically interviewed, and comprehensive identity and background checks done to ascertain personal information provided. We also encourage our employees to become better by organizing regular training sessions on how to use various cleaning equipment effectively. With us, your homes will get the very best attention while the cleaning is done.

We use safe and quality materials
Your home and furniture are valuable. We have invested a lot of time and research to discover the safest materials to use when cleaning your homes. We look out for eco-friendly products that will not trigger any kind of allergies among the members of your family. We will always use green alternatives that are mild and effective while cleaning your homes.

Custom cleaning services
Do you prefer a special cleaning agent? We will be happy to use your favorite brands. All we require is that you inform us of any special requests and how we can purchase it. We will be happy to use them when cleaning your home.